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About Me

I’m Dennis Amstein, a product designer currently working as the Design Lead at elmeunebot, a spanish leading product design studio. I’m currently managing the design team of some of the most exciting products of LaLiga (Spanish Football League), kick-starting new projects of the studio and learning/applying new methodologies, frameworks and tools.

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My Work

In my day-to-day I’m usually managing the design team of one of our ongoing products, planning a project or coming up with a concept solution. Here are some of the latest projects I’m working on, for more, visit elmeunebot website.

— Client work

LaLigaSportsTV. Building and scaling a sports streaming platform

The spanish football league streaming service delivers high quality live and on demand sports events through more than 10 different devices. The main challenge has been to create systems and processes that mantain consistency and good practices to an ever growing team.


Managing the design team for 3+ years.

— Client work

Istobal. Improving the experience of washing your car

Istobal manufactures vehicle washing machines, they asked us to improve the user experience of their services. We created a new digital identity, the interactive terminals UX for buying and activating the services, finally we worked closely with the R&D department of Istobal to develop an App that allowed the users to buy and activate the washing tunnels without having to get out of their cars, this was very tricky because of the security concerns and regulations of the many countries in which Istobal is present.


Strategic design, Product design

— Client work

LaLiga Fantasy Footbal. Transforming fans into managers

Football is passion, and when fans are managing their fantasy teams they can be very demanding. We are constantly improving the experience of the game and building features that help users manage their teams succesfully, cause mantaining a winning team takes a lot of time. We achieve this by understanding users behaviours and needs through metrics and user interviews to detect and priorize the most important problems, then we design solutions focused on user and business outcomes that are later user tested.


Design manager and Product design